Whatsapp Urdu Status – The Ultimate Whatsapp User Guide for Beginners (2021 Updated)

Whatsapp Urdu Status – The Ultimate Whatsapp User Guide for Beginners

In this article, I will walk you through the complete Whatsapp settings. On Whatsapp Urdu Status you can read about Urdu Whatsapp Status and related stuff. We are updating our Blog on a regular basis. So our visitors can get benefits from the new and latest information.

Whatsapp Intro

Whatsapp is a Mobile Application which you can use to communicate to your Friend Family and other peoples around the globe.

This Application is founded by Two Developers name Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Later on, Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook on February 19, 2014, at $19 Billion, which is a considerable number.

Currently, there are more than 1.5 Billion active users of Whatsapp Application.

In this article, I will walk you through all the functions and use of Whatsapp Application from beginning to end, which includes.

How to Install Whatsapp?

Installing Whatsapp is not rocket science. With just a few easy steps, you can successfully install the WhatsApp application on your Smart Phone. Here are a few steps which you need to follow for Installing Whatsapp On your Mobile Phone.

Requirements for Installing Whatsapp

  • A Smartphone
  • Internet Connection
  • Google Play Store
  • Gmail Account

A Smartphone

As you know that to install WhatsApp, you need a smartphone that supports third-party applications. All modern Smart Phones are supported by almost all kinds of applications available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store(IOS).

Internet Connection

For Download Whatsapp Application from the Play Store, you need an Internet Connection. For that, you can use your Mobile Data or any Public Wi-Fi, etc.

Google Play Store

Play Store is a platform owned by Google from where you can download any kind of Applications. By default, all smartphone has inbuilt Google Play Store installed. But in some cases, it may be hidden or uninstalled.

No need to worry here, you can download it by Google.

You can Download Whatsapp Here

Gmail Account

I think that all of us must have a Gmail Account not only for this purpose but for different other uses as well. Long Story Short.

You need a Gmail account to Sign-In to Google Play Store. Because Google itself is the parent company, so you can get access all Google Product with a single Gmail Account.

How to Register your Number on Whatsapp?

Once you Installed Whatsapp Application from Play Store, you need to Register your Mobile Number and Verify. Verifications only for a single time. And you can enjoy the Application for a lifetime.

How to Register your Number on Whatsapp?
How to Register your Number on Whatsapp?

Open the Application from your  Mobile Wall. As you can see in the image, select your Country first with country code. Put your mobile number on which you want to register.

Confirm it and OK.

After a few seconds, you will get a Code from Whatsapp to verify your Number.

The Application itself pick the code and verify it if you have put the Number correctly. Your registration is completed here.

How to change the Display Image on Whatsapp?

Once Registration Complete, you can change the necessary information from the setting section. You can change your Display Picture from the Setting.

To change your image, Click (3 Dots) on the right top.  And go to settings. Here you can change your Display Image.

How to Write Your Bio Text in Whatsaap?

You can write a single line of Text, a Quote in your Profile Section, which will be shown to all of your contacts.

Setting just next to your Display Image, you can write your favorite line.

Complete Detail about the Privacy Security Tab in Whatsapp Settings

Privacy is something that all of us need to care about. Everyone cares. When it comes to online, then it becomes more crucial. Whatsapp is offering high-end privacy settings which you need to follow.

Complete Detail about the Privacy Security Tab in Whatsapp Settings
Complete Detail about the Privacy Security Tab in Whatsapp Settings

In the setting section just below to your Display Image, you can see an Account Tab. Click on Account Tab; it will show you the following options showing in the image. Check all the options and customize them according to your preferences.

Whatsapp Two-Step Verification

It is a two steps authentication method that offers a more secure connection to users. Whatsapp is also offering Two-Step verification. You can

How to Change Number on Whatsapp?

You can change your Whatsapp number from one number to another. Again you can do this from the settings option.

How to Register your Number on Whatsapp?
How to Change Number on Whatsapp?

How to request your Account Information in Whatsapp?

Users can get all information from Whatsapp in just a single click. It may include all your conversation details, media, and all other details. Clicking on Request Account Info, you can get all the details.

How to Delete your Old or Existing Whatsapp Account in just a few seconds?

Sometimes it may happen due to any reason you want to delete your account. You can Delete your Whatsapp account anytime.

To Delete your Account, go to Setting, Account, and Delete account.

Whatsapp Chat, Settings, Call Option Explained

Another thing you can do it in Whatsapp is Theme, Wallpapers, Chat History Settings. If you like to set your image on Chat Window, you can do that easily.

What is Status Privacy in Whatsapp?

You can upload Image, Video, Link, Text, and GIF for 24 Hours in Whatsapp. It will disappear automatically after 24 Hours. It will show all the contacts which are saved on your phone.

How to Set Status Privacy in Whatsapp for Beginner?

You can set privacy for them. If you are sharing nay status and you don’t want to show them for any specific person. You can block them from the Status Privacy once you block a person to display status. Your status will not reveal to them until you unblock them.

Check How many Peoples have Seen your Whatsapp Status?

Once you update your status, you can check how many people and who saw your situation. Click the status you have updated. At the bottom it will you can see the Number. On Clicking on the Number, you can see all the names.

How to Clear Call Logs in Whatsapp?

You can make a call on WhatsApp. Free call to anyone anywhere anytime. Just the same we care about calling using our mobile number.  Bu the difference is that WhatsApp offers you free call.

All the call logs are saved in the call history. If you double swipe your WhatsApp home page, you can see all the call log details. You can manage them, delete or save for later use.

Whatsapp Chat Tab Explained

In this section, y can read about the Chat Settings. What kind of settings and changes you can make in the Chat setting section of Whatsapp?

How to Change the Theme of Chat Window in Whatsapp?

How to change setting Wallpaper in Whatsapp
  1. Click on 03 Dots on the Top Right Bar
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Chat Wallpaper
  4. Select any color you want

How many Default Colors are offering by Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is offering 38 different colors white and one another color. You can switch between these two colors.

How to Change the Wallpaper of Whatsapp?

Changing the Wallpaper in Whatsapp Application is very easy. You can change it from the setting option. You can play with the following options in the Wallpaper setting.

1- Options in Wallpaper

2- No Wallpaper

3- Gallery

4- Solid Color

5- Wallpaper Library

6- Default

Whatsapp Notifications Tab Explained

There are three different options in the Notification center. You can enable or disable them according to your needs. You can ON or OFF the sounds, it’s better to see the situation before Disable the sound.

  1. Sounds
  2. Desktop Alerts
  3. Show Previews

How to Change Conversation Tones in Whatsapp?

While chatting with anyone by default Whatsapp plays a Ringtone that you can change or disabled from the Chat Settings.

How to Change the Messages Tone in Whatsapp?

In the chat window click the three dots on the top right. And Mute or change the Tone in just few clicks.

Set on Vibration

You can also set it on Vibration. This feature helps a lot when you are at a place where you cannot play any ringtone or it may consider awkward like in a mosque, Crunch or any other Religious Place. So here you can get the benefit of this feature and set your Tone on Vibration Mode.

Popup Notification in Whatsapp

This is another great feature in Whatsapp which you can utilize in a good way. This feature is more useful if you want to check all notifications without opening the Application.

Options in Popup Notification

  1. No Popup
  2. Only when Screen is ON
  3. Only when Screen is OFF
  4. Always show Popup

Data and Storage Usage in Whatsapp Explained

This is one of the most important part/setting in Whatsapp. Because you can decide about all the media which peoples sent to you.

You can set auto download or Download when Wi-Fi is connected.

If using it on Download when Wi-F- connect than it will not download any media using your mobile Phone Data. It will help you to save lots of data for another use.

Whatsapp Urdu Status - The Ultimate Whatsapp User Guide for Beginners (2020 Updated)
 The Ultimate Whatsapp User Guide for Beginners (2021 Updated)

How to Automate Media Downloading in Whatsapp?

This is again in the same section. You can automate the downloading for all files which include Images, Audio, Video and PDF. Set it on Download auto.

Whatsapp FAQ & Help Center Explained

If you experience any scam or any other issue you can contact Whatsapp Officials. They are always open and welcome to users for complaints. If your complaint are legit then they will definitely help to sort out.

Whatsapp FAQ & Help Center Explained
Whatsapp FAQ & Help Center Explained

Visit this Link to WordPress Official FAQs & Help Center

Whatsapp Terms and Policies in Detail

It is always recommended that if you are using any third party Application than before Downloading or using it, you must read their complete Terms & Policies.

It will benefit you in many ways. You can not be banned or blocked by the provider. Ethically you need to follow their   Terms and Conditions if you are using any Free or Premium Applications from any vendors.

You can read Whatsapp Official Terms and Policies here.

How to Invite your Friends on Whatsapp?

In just a single click you can also invite your friends on Whatsapp.

How to Use Whatsapp On Windows Computer or Laptop?

By Default Whatsapp was made for Mobile Users only. Later on, with the passage of time of the increasing number of users people starts finding ways to use Whatsapp on their Laptops and other devices also.

There are many third-party applications you can install in your Laptop or Desktop System which allows you to use WhatsApp on your Laptop and System. 

The following are some Third-Party Applications you can download and install to use Whatsapp.

  1. Whatsapp Web
  2. WhatsApp Desktop App
  3. BlueStacks
  4. Nox App Player
  5. MEmu
  6. Vysor
  7. DeskDock

Final Words

My aim to write this article is to teach you some basic and advance settings in Whatsapp Application. Because the user of this App is increasing day by day. There may be some security concerns.

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