Whatsapp Complete Data Recovery Applications for Android Free 2021

Whatsapp Complete Data Recovery Applications for Android Free 2021

This is how I feel the real need for Android Data Recovery Application?
I am using Whatsapp for the last few years. Unfortunately, I lost my data once, and then I realized that I couldn’t bear it.

I start searching about Free Whatsapp Data Recovery Applications because I lost all my Whatsapp Data.

Following are the 05 Best Whatsapp Data Recovery Application, which I found the best.

  1. Jinosoft Android Phone Recovery
  2. Recuva for WhatsApp Recovery
  3. MyJad Android Recovery
  4. Remo Recover for Android
  5. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery
Whatsapp data recovery software free download
                                                    Whatsapp Data Recovery Software Free Download

Before selecting any Tool for recovering your lost Whatsapp data on Android/iPhone yo must need to know certain things.

How to find  The Best Whatsapp Data Recovery Android Applications

The following are some key points that should be noticed before buying or installing any Android Data Recovery Application.

1- Compatibility

There are several Software Developers in the market and continuously developing Softwares for different purposes. Sometimes they created Software’s which won’t work on another device because they are made for specific devices.

Without checking the compatibility installing such Softwares can only decrease your device performance. Make it habit to check the complete harmony of the software before install or use it.

2- Tool Supported File Type

We are talking about Whatsapp Data Recovery. So we need such a Software which recover all of our lost data. Here what you need to check is the File Type which the Tool is supported. In your Mobile Phone, there will be different types of data stored. For Example

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Documents (Docs, Pdf, Txt, etc)
  • AKP File

Always try to find such App which supports all data types and recover. I will give you a list of such Apps later on to Whatsapp Complete Data Recovery.

3- Method of Recovery

This part is one of the essential element to be check before use. We are always trying to solve our issue without paying to anyone. In the case of Software, we need to pay online. But there may be different reasons due to which we cannot pay, or we do not want to get any paid tool.

If you are looking for such a tool which recover all of your lost Whatsapp Data Free of the cost you need to check this feature before using any application/software.

Stay stick to this article because you will get a list of such applications which you can use free of cost to recover all Whatsapp Lost Data free of charge.

4- Recovery Capacity

Suppose you have lost 1GB data. But the tool you are using can only recover 500MB data. Then such a device is useless for you. Try to use such tool which can improve the complete data which we lost and recover Complete Whatsapp  Data.

1- Jinosoft Android Phone Recovery

Jinosoft Andriod Phone Recovery has two versions.

  1. Free/Trial Version
  2. Paid/Premium
How to recover whatsapp lost data on android?
                                                                         Recover WhatsApp lost data with Jinhosoft

With this tool, you can recover the following possible lost data from your Android Device. Here is the list of data types.

  1. Contacts
  2. Messages
  3. Call History
  4. Photos
  5. Videos & Audios
  6. Whatsapp & Viber
  7. Documents
Android Data Recovery Free Application
Best Android Data Recovery Free Application

Download & Install Jinsoft Android Data Recovery 2021

  • Install & run the Recovery Software (Jihosoft)
  • Select the File type
  • Connect your mobile phone to Computer/Laptop via USB Cable
  • Preview & Recover Data


Jinsoft Android Data Recovery Details

Name of Tool Jihosoft Andriod Data Recovery
Price Free and Paid both Available
Paid Version Price $49.95
Supported File Types  Messages, Call History, Photos, Videos & Audios. Whatsapp & Viber, Documents
Supported OS  All Android Devices

Quick Steps to Recover Whatsapp Lost Data on Android Device with Jihosoft

  1. Connect
  2. Scan & Preview
  3. Recover

2- Recuva for Whatsapp Recovery

Do you have lost data from Mobile, Memory Card, USB Stick, or Hard Drive? Recuva can recover all of your lost data in no time.
Recuva can recover Pictures, Music, Documents, Videos, Email, and other file types you have lost.

Recuva Whatsapp Data Recovery Application download
                         Recuva Whatsapp Data Recovery Application  download

What can you do with Recuva?

  1. Recovery from Damaged Disks
  2. Deep Scan for Buried Files
  3. Securely Delete Files

Reciva is offering three different Versions.

  • Free
  • Most Popular
  • Best Value

Free Version

In this version, the features are limited, and you are allowed to use limited features.

Most Popluar

You can get some advanced functionalities in this version. For example.

Advanced File Recovery
Virtual Hard Drive Support
Automatic Updates
Premium Support
Price $19.25

Download Recuva

Best Value (Professional Bundle Upto 3 PCs)

This version will be best if you can afford it because you can get all the features that Recuva is offering.
You can recover all your lost Whatsapp Data. The price of this version is %29.95.

In this version, you will get the following features.

Advanced File Recovery
Virtual Hard Drive Support
Automatic Updates
Premium Support
CCleaner Professional
Defraggler Professional
Speccy Professional

3- MyJad Android Recovery

The third Application in our list is Myjad App. This Application is best in such cases when your Android Device is entirely dead, Lost, Stolen, or Rooted. A super useful extension to recover Contacts, Videos, SMS, Photos, Audio, and many more.

The Myjad company started in 2012. And they are continuously providing the best Softwares in the market for Android and iPhones.

Whatsapp Data Recovery Free Application download
                                 MyJad Android Recovery Software

What kind of data recovered by Myjad?

  1. Android SMS Recovery
  2. Android Data Recovery
  3. Photo Recovery
  4. Data Recovery


This app is compatible with all Android devices.

There are again two versions of this app: the trial version and the paid version. If you can pay a few bucks, then I recommend you to buy the paid version. Because it will give you advance recovery options.

But its OK.

If you don’t want to pay, the free version can recover your desired files. The free version will solve the   Whatsapp Complete Data Recovery.

              How to recover data and save them in pc


In this article, I tried my best to provide you some useful Data Recovery Application for Whatsapp Complete Data Recovery.  

4 – Remo WhatsappData Recovery for Android 2021

Try this application to recover all your lost Whatsapp Data for Android. 

The best and super helpful Application to recover Android Lost Data.  This App is available in both Paid & Free Version.  If you cannot afford the paid version you can easily and happily go with the free version. You can almost recover 80% of your lost data with the free version. 

                          Remo Data Recovery for Android

How to Download Remo Application for Android Data Recovery 2021?

You can download this app in just a single click from their Official Website.

Note – Please don’t download from any other Third Party Website. Click here to Download.

Powerful Features

  • Fast and Effective
  • Safe & Secure to Use
  • Virus Free
  • Easy to Use 
  • 24/7 Free Customer Support
  • Recover files lost due to accidental deletion
  • Restores data after accidental format of SD card
  • Award-winning data recovery application

Public Reviews on Remo Android Data Recovery Application

I lost a heap of folders and files, disappeared from OneDrive and were critical to my work. Was so grateful to be able to retreive them. Support provided by the team was exceptional.

5- Tenorshare Android Data Recovery 2021

An International Software Company started in 2007 created numbers of award-winning Softwares. The Company main Focus is Android Security, Data Recovery Password Recovery.

Tenshore Android Data Recovery Software
                            Tenshore Android Data Recovery Software

Download Tenshore Software


If you are using a SmartPhone, then you may experience losing data. And, if you are aware of how to Recover Lost Data from Android, all things will be excellent. And if you are not mindful about nay application, you may lose your data forever.
In this article, I tried to provide you 05 best Android/Whatsapp Data Recovery Application.

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