Sad Urdu Status

Sad Whatsapp Urdu Status 2020

In this article, I am going to walk you through several Sad Whatsapp Urdu Status, which you can download and send to your friends and other colleagues, etc.

This article is all about Sad Whatsapp Urdu Status because we are going to categorize Whatsapp Status in different categories.

Here is some Categorize we are going to explore further.

  1. Sad Whatsapp Urdu Status
  2. Romantic Whatsapp Status in Urdu
  3. Whatsapp Attitude Status in Urdu
  4. Whatsapp Urdu Status

There are many other Categories on which we will talk later.

Here you can collect all kinds of Whatsapp Status In the Urdu Language. I feel that when we search on about Sad Whatsapp Status, all types of Status are found in every language.
But in Urdu, I found very little content. So I express to come up with high quality and useful stuff here.

Sad Whatsapp Urdu Status

The increasing users of Whatsapp are becoming responsible for the expanding number of content to share. People are always in search of some kind and quality content which they can share with their loved ones and relatives via Whatsapp.

Sending Sad Whatsapp Status Images is the best way to expressing your feelings to someone if you can’t speak in front of the one whom you love or hate.
You can send them a status image to express your feelings about Him/Her.

The Famous Saying.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

This is absolutely right and perfect saying. Because sometimes a picture works where our thousands of words are not. 

Here I am sharing my personal experience, which I am using most of the time.

We made many mistakes in our daily relations. It may be with any family member, our friend or with our boyfriend and girlfriend.


Top 05 Sad Whatsapp Urdu Status with Nature Image

Sad Whatsapp Status in Urdu

Na Ishq Na Koi Gham

Daikho Kitnay Khusgh Hain Ham



whatsapp status in urdu attitude
WhatsApp Status in Urdu attitude

Uthti Ungliyon Nay Muje

Mashoor Kar Dia


Whatsapp Status with Nature image

Kash Meri Kami Nay

Tujhay Bhi Udas Kiya Hota


Whatsapp Sad Urdu Status 2020
Whatsapp Sad Urdu Status 2020

Kamal Intikhab Hay Mera

Tum Apni Hi Misal LeLo


zindagi apni thi barbad usnay kisad status in urdu
Download HD Whatsapp Status

Zindagi Apni Thi

Barbad Us Nay Ki

Setting up a Whatsapp Status is depends on individuals mode. And Mode is not always stayed the same.

Because it is a natural thing that sometimes we feel delighted and occasionally sad. When we are depressed, we mostly try to avoid people and read some Sad Poetries or books. Some prefer to listen to Sad Songs also.

There is a group of people who love literature. It doesn’t matter that they are happy or sad. They love poetry, and they live poetry.

We are sharing these Two Line Urdu Poetries for all people who are reading writing or download and send to others.

Sad Whatsapp Urdu Status About life

Because all these are directly or indirectly connected to our life. Most of the people are searching for Quotes about Life on Google and other online places. So here I am going to some latest and Sad Two-Liner Sad Status about Life which you can download and use.

05 Sad WhatsApp Status About Life with Images

Read and Enjoy 🙂 🙂

sad-whatsapp-urdu-status-about -life
WhatsApp Urdu status about life

Zindagi Ik Pal Hay

Jis Main Ajj Hay Na Kal

Download  Poetry About Life in Urdu

Zindagi Ki Qasam 

Zindagi Tum Say, Hay

Life WhatsApp Status 

Zindagi Say Yahi

Gila Hay Mujay

Sad Status in Urdu

Lakh Rokung Maar Nahi Ruktay

Hu Bahu Aap Par Gaye Aansu

Na Muhabbat Na Dosti Hamain Kuch Rass Nahi
Sab Badal Jatay Hain Hamaray Dil Main Jaga Bananay Kay Bad

Urdu Status 2020

Wo Na Milain To Kia Hua

Yea Ishq Hay Hawas Nahi

If you are on this page, I mean Sad Whatsapp Status, there might be a chance that you are a broken heart. Just don’t worry about the reason for your sadness. Read some new and profound Whatsapp Status here and relax.

It will give you strength and power to fight with all negative energies in your body.

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Sad Poetry vs Funny Poetry – Which One is to Read?

It depends.

There is no such pre-made logic about reading any of the. There is no such contrast of Sad Poetry vs. Funny Poetry. I read both category poetries.

Most of the time, it depends on the situation. If you are in Sad Mode, then you want to read or write Sad Poetry, and if you are happy and in funny mode, then reading or writing any Sad Line will destroy your comfortable way. So that time will be best for some funny poetry lines.


Where are you bring these Lines?

We are trying to provide new Poetry Lines which you never read before. For that, we are many resources. We have in touch with many Poets who provide us their recent writes that we upload here on for all of you at free of cost.

Can I download them?

Yes, You can download them and send them to your relatives and others free of cost from this Website.


Thank You for reading the article and staying with us. In this article, we tried our best to provide some latest writes by famous poets of Pakistan. I hope you like the Sad Whatsapp Status in Urdu.