Relationship Quotes for Parents in Urdu & English (New 2021)

Relationship Quotes for Parents in Urdu & English New 2021

Relationship Quotes 

What is Relationship/Relations?

A relationship is defined as a connection between two peoples through which they are connected. It will be any relation. There are Thousands type of relations between two people.

Here are a few major relations that every one of us has in our life.

  1. Relations with our Parents/Children
  2. Relation with our Siblings
  3. Relation with Wife/Husband
  4. Relation with Friends
  5. Relation with Girlfriend
  6. Relation with Boyfriend
  7. Relation with Neighbour
  8. Relation with Classmate
  9. Relation with Hostelmate

I think it is enough here to understand the types of relations we have in our life. If I start writing all the connections here, it will never end.

It is essential to make good and healthy relations with all. Because if you have a strong relationship with your friend you can get help in the needy time. If the connection is not useful or fake, then you may leave you when you are needy.

Relationship Quotes

Relation with Parents

This is one of the loveliest and most good relations in the world. This relation needs to introduction. Every person living in this world or the ones who left this world have/had experienced this relation. Because everyone has parents without parents, it is possible to give birth.

There are many reasons that the relation of parents is the best relation amongst all others. I want to list a few of them here.

  • Parents have no greed in this relation.
  • Always think the best for their children, either it is Boy or Girl.
  • If you have many Siblings, they will never make a difference between them. For them, all are the same.
  • They do all possible things to feed and educate their Childs.
  • They take all the responsibilities of their kids all time.
  • This relation has no end of Love and care.

Because people love and respect this unique and special relation, so many of them are pay tribute to this relationship in many ways. People write books on Parents Relations; some write Quotes on Parent Relations, many of them making Movies to show their love and respect towards this relation.

People in every field of life pay tribute in their style to this great relation.

Relationship Quotes for Parents

Relationship Quotes for parents is handy for all if you want to send some fresh and lovely Quotes Images to your parent to show your Love to them. You can send them any special occasion like Their Birthday, Marriage Anniversary, New Year Celebration.

Some of us are staying far away from our parents for study purposes because of a job or any other reason. And we were always missing them because we are not with them on the spot, so we cannot say word by word to them and show our feelings and Love to them.

Sending Such Relationship Quotes will be the best choice.

Relationship Quotes for Parents in Urdu

We are living in different areas of the world. As our geography is diverse, the language we understand and speaks is also different.

Showing respect and Love in your language have more effect on everyone. You can write quotes and send them to your parents in your native language.

Parents Relations with Images


A Mother Understand What A Child Does Not Say- Jewish Proverb


Your Children Need Your Presence More Than Your Present- Jesse Jackson

There is no end and no limit for this unconditional love between parents and their children. The more time they spent the attachment and the love increased day by day.

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

I always said that every day is Mother’s Day & Father’s Day. But still, peoples dedicated a special day to pay special tribute to Mother & Father which we called Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.

Father’s Day WhatsApp Status

Mother’s Day is celebrated on May, 10 and Father’s Day on 21 June.


Parenting is the bigger sacrifice one can make. It’s putting your life on hold to fulfill the promise of your Children’s Tomorrow. Unknown

Relationship Quotes for Siblings

Your brother and sisters are called your Siblings. If you have a Siblings you know the beauty of this relation.

The loveliest and most substantial relation on the earth, I think, is the Siblings relation. The care, Love, attachment, and affection in this relation are ideal for all other relationships. No one can find such Love, care in any other relationship.

By nature there is always a strong relationship between siblings. But in some cases due to any misunderstanding, if the relationship becomes weak both sides should do a table talk and resolve all things to get back. 

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