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11 Real Whatsapp Alternatives for 2021 – Whatsapp Urdu Status

11 Real Whatsapp Alternatives for 2021 – Whatsapp Urdu Status

In this article, I am going to walk you through 11 such Mobile Apps, which you can use as a Whatsapp alternative.

With 1.5 Billion monthly Active use Whatsapp is one of the most downloaded applications on the Google Play Store.
But it is not the end; many other Applications functions the same as Whatsapp.

The following are the list of Whatsapp Alternative Applications.

    1. Viber
    2. Skype
    3. Google Hangout
    4. WeChat
    5. Telegram
    6. Line App
    7. Kakao Talk Application
    8. Tango
    9. Kik Messanger
    10. Kontalk
    11. Snapchat

Viber – Simpler, Faster & Safer

Viber is an instant message and a cross-platform Application operated from Japan a Multinational Company called Rakuten. This application is available on Andriod, IOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Viber Application Complete Detail & User Guide
Developed By Talmon Marco an Israeli Army Officer
Acquired By Rakuten on February 13, 2014
Total User  1 Billion
Total Countries More than 193 Countries
Release Date December 2, 2010
Total Employees 14,000
Programming Language Used C – C++ – Python
Operating System Cross-Platform
Languages Available in  more than 32 Languages
Banned Country Tajikistan
Start Generating Revenue 3rd Year of Launching
Official Website
Application Size 40 MB
Download 500 Million+

Top Countries Using Viber Instant Message

Viber Users in India

India is one of the biggest markets for every business Because of the unstoppable increasing population of India. Businesses see India as a big market and their main Business target Country.

Viber Users in India are increasing tremendously. According to stats, Viber is the Fifth most Popular Instant Message App in India today.

Top 04 Countries Name Using Viber

  1. India 33 Million
  2. USA 30 Million
  3. Russia 28 Million
  4. Brazil 18 Million

Viber Users In Russia

Viber makes its space in the top 05 Social App Application in Russia. Surprisingly Viber Surpass Whatsapp in Jan 2016, in Russia with more than 66 Million active users. And the users increased to 100 Million at the end of 2018.

One of the increasing popularity of Viber in Russia was people, start using Viber as a Payment Method for Shopping for goods and services.

Viber Users in Ukraine

Viber Users in Ukraine is also increasing day by day. Almost every Smartphone user in Ukraine has this App in 2021. According to a survey, almost 97% of all Smartphone in Ukraine has installed Viber.

This number shows us that how Viber is popular in Ukraine. This number is increasing not only in Ukraine but around the Globe.

Viber Application User Guide and Complete Information

Public Review on Viber

Source Google Play Store

Im using viber for years now. After the update yesterday i cannot send and receive message. It also want me to connect or login to my email but cant connect. It always say check your internet connection. The only thing working is to backup. Update: Its working good now after 4 days. Thanks. Viber team what is happening? Same problem again cannot send and receive messages.

Group Calls are bigger than ever with up to *** 20 *** people at once, so it’s easier and safer for you to connect with others.

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One of the most using Application on Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Devices for Video and Audio Chat is Skype. Skype has also the feature of Instant Message.

How to Download-and-use-Skype-complete-Guide
How to Download and Use Skype Complete Guide
Released Date August 2003
Monthly Active User 124 Million
Authors Priit Kasesalu, Jaan Tallinn, Ahti Heinla
Programming Languages Used C++, Delphi, Objective –C, Object Pascal

Skype won number of awards in the past few years.

How to Use Skype?

  1. Open Your favorite Browser
  2. Go to Skype Official Website
  3. Click on Blue Download Button
  4. Run the Setup
  5. Once Installation complete
  6. Find and Open the Skype App in Your Machine
  7. If you have a Skype ID already simply Sin-In with the Login Credentials
  8. If you are new, Click on Create Account
  9. Follow the steps
  10. Once account is created  you can use the Search Box at the top Left Side for finding your Friend and family member.
  11. Enjoy using Skype
Skype Applicatoin Complete Detail 2020 Updated
Skype Application Complete Detail 2021 Updated

Skype Public Review

Source Google Playstore

Skype is an excellent VOIP app and has replaced my house line due to the low monthly fees. To the developers: A few comments: 1.) Occasionally (~1/50 calls) the call quality is horrific, and the call needs to be ended and call back. Likely that is still pretty normal for VOIP, but if not, can anything be done to improve? 2.) Adding new contacts or editing current ones is sometimes cumbersome, not terrible, could that perhaps be improved? Again, EXCELLENT value for the money, thank you!

I have never experienced such a clear video calling experience in a long time. This is one stop solution for all your video calling needs. The best feature is you can make group video calling with as many as 100 people at the same time whereas it is restricted to only 4 for Whatsapp. Also the clarity of video and audio is simply fabulous and way ahead of whatsapp video calling feature. Another important feature is availability across all platforms i.e, android, iOS, windows.

Google Hangout

Google Hangout Complete User Guide and Detail

Google Hangout is another great Product by  Google makes  public in 2013. The Tech Gaint Google owns Google Hangout.

Google Hangout has its own Goggle Chrome Extension which makes it easy to access Hangout. You can download Hangout Extension from Chrome Web Store free of cost.

Google Hangout Image 2021
Release Date May 145, 2013
Developed by Google

Powerful Key  Features of Google Hangout

  • Allow  Conversation between two or more peoples
  • Users can do a group Video Chat
  • No need to install any external Plugin for Chrome Users
  • Free Voice Call
  • Encrypted Calls
Google Hangout Complete Complete Detail

Google Hangout Public Review

Source Google PlayStore

Google Hangouts app keeps crashing on Samsung phone. My father in-law uses iPhone and has no problems. Since March 2021 I can’t use Hangouts on my phone and it’s built into Samsung so I can’t uninstall. First, Family Link has problems with Chrome filters now problems with Hangouts. Google hasn’t fixed the problems. Very frustrating being and Android user. Might be time to switch.


A Chinese Tech Gaint Company named Tencent created an Application that can be used for different purposes. A complete multi-purpose application, which can be used as a Social Media, messaging App, and Mobile Payment Method. The Application was seen first time in 2013. Now the WeChat application has more than 1 Billion Active Users.

WeChat is known as one of the Largest Messaging App in China. One of the main reasons for the fastest growth of WeChat is the Chinese Government. Chinese Government is supporting to WeChat since the Application is in Beta Form. The Government is supporting in every possible form to the Application, and they are still supporting.

WeChat Messanger Complete User Guide 2021
Developer Tencent  Company
Lead Developer Zhang Xiaolong
Released Date 2011
Supported On Andriod, Window Phone
Programming Langue Used JavaScript

How to Download and Use WeChat?

  • Download WeChat from here
  • Register Your Account
  • Add Friends
  • Enjoy WeChat

What can you do with WeChat?

WeChat is proudly offering the following functions for its users. You can get avail of the below functionalities of WeChat.

  1. Message
  2. Payment
  3. Mini-Programs
  4. Games and Top-Up
  5. Flight Bookings
  6. Hotel Bookings
WeChat-Complete-Deatil-and-User-Guide-2020 Updated
               WeChat Complete Detail 

WeChat Public Review

Source Google PlayStore

The recently added “preview” of a message, filling the screen on opening the application, is not only completely unnecessary, but irritating: if closed without reading (perhaps because it’s from someone we do not wish to hear from, or because we want to priortise another action), it no longer shows itself as “unread”, and so can easily be overlooked later on. As the adage goes: “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!” Leave things that have been working perfectly well, alone.


You can use Telegram as Whatsapp Alternative.

Telegram is a cloud-based application. You can use this application as an Instant Messaging and VoiceOver. Supported on all devices includes Android, IOS, Window Phones, macOS, and Linux. Users can also send Images, Videos, and Audio Files through Telegram.

Whatsapp vs Telegram 2020
                                             Whatsapp vs Telegram 2021
Application Name Telegram
Released Date  August 14, 2013
Supported All Devices
Programming Langue Used  Erlang, Free BSD, PHP, XMPP

Top Useful Features of Telegram

  1. Hide Last Seen to Others
  2. Edit Images
  3. Create GIFs
  4. Password Protected Conversations
  5. Telegram Media
  6. Stop Message Notification
  7. Telegram Bots
  8. Telegram Storage
  9. Multiple Phone Numbers and Profile Image
  10. Auto Night Mode
  11. Location Sharing Option
  12. Channels
  13. Search Friends with Username
  14. APIs Creation

As compared to Whatsapp, Telegram has some super useful and cool features. Telegram Bot is one of the best examples.

Telegram Public Review

Source Google Play Store

One of the best messaging app on the planet, sincerely there are more features than you can imagine and on top of all that it is encrypted. I really appreciate the efforts of the developers and the fact that they listen to the users. I would totally recommend it. One thing I would require is the ability to keep the desired folder as first folder while rearranging them. There is no point of having folders if the we are greeted with all chats as soon as we open the app.
Great both on phone/desktop. I use to keep tabs on traders I follow. HOWEVER, on phone, Galaxy 7/Android 8.0, app is constantly resetting notification settings. I want all follows to be top priority and particular sound. But after short while, keeps resetting the priority to Medium and sound to default. In notification setup, says X number categories deleted, which increases each time I reconfigure notifications. Upon new msg deletes setting for that contact. PLEASE FIX, then get 5 stars.

Line App for  Android

You can use Line App as Whatsapp Alternative.

Line Application is created by South Korean Company named Naver Corporation.

Users can send Instant Messages on Line, but when Line was developing, the main aim was to make Calls easier. The company created Line for their official uses only to communicate with their employees. But later on, with the increasing popularity of the Application Company decided to release the application for Public use also. They finally released in 2011.

The line is also a free messaging app, but different user experience compared to WhatsApp. The App has a special Algorithm to created Stickers based on User requirements. The line made more than $250 Million on Stickers last year. But there are Thousands of Free Stickers also which you can send to anyone free of cost.

Line is generating a big amount of revenue from its Merchandise Store where you can get all the Stickers printed on Cartoons, Groceries, etc.

One thing I like the most I line is the Job Finding Portion. You can find private Jobs using Line.

Line Application for Andriod Complete Detail and User Guide

Difference Between Line & Whatsapp

One of the main differences between Line and Whatsapp is the Coin. Line awards in the of Coins on each call users make. But there is no such thing in Whatsapp.

Line App Details

Application Name Line
Developer/Company  Naver Corporation
Released Date 2011
Download 500+ Million on Play Store
Countries 40+ Countries
Login Method Facebook and Mobile Number
Free Avail Stickers   10,000+
Application Size 86MB
Own By Korean Company
Programming Language Used Erlang –  C++ (Frameworks)

Lina App Public Review

Source Google PlayStore

There used to be a feature wherein effects during a group live stream could be used on the person streaming. That option is no longer there. I was wondering if it is possible to redeploy it. I’m also encountering an audio issue where an external bluetooth speaker automatically loses connection whenever a live screen cast is initiated. I hope you could look into that. Other than that, the app offers a good amount of features, even some you wouldn’t come to expect from a messaging app. It is great

Kakao Talk Application

You can use Kakao Talk as a  Whatsapp Alternative.

With Free Instant Message, Free video, and Audio Call features, Kakao Talk is next on our list. This application is developed by Kakao Corporation and launched in 2010. You can run this application on Android, IOS, macOS, Window Phones, BlackBerry, and many others.

Kakao Talk Application Complete Detail

Kakao Talk Application Detail

Application Name  Kakao Talk
Developed By Kakao
Developers Kakao Corp
Release Date 2010
Operating System Supported   Andriod, IOS,  masOS, Widow Phone, Blackberry, Bada
Available Languages  15+ Languages
Programming Languages Used  Java
Download 100 Million + on Paly Store
Application Size 86 MB

Tango Application Complete Details

Uri Raz & Eric Setton found this Application Tango – Live Video Broadcasts in 2009. Now more than 200 Million peoples are using this Free Application world-wide.

This application allows you to make Free International Voice & Video Call. The best thing about this application is you can play any game during Call.

Tango Application

Key Features of Tango Application

  1. Free Instant Message
  2. Free Voice Call
  3. Free Video Call – Free International Video Call
  4. High-Quality Video Resolution

Tango Live Video Broadcasts Details

App Name Tango – Live Video Broadcasts
Developer TangoMe
Founders Uri Raz & Eric Setton
Headquarter Mountain View, California
Release Date  September 2009
Active User 35 Million
Official Website
Download on Play Store
Available On Android, IOS,Window Phones.
Tango Application Complete Detail and User Guide 2021 Updated

Kik Messanger

You can use Kik Messanger as Whatsapp Alternative.

Kik Messanger, also known as Kik, is a Free Instant Message Application created by a Canadian Company named Kik Interactive. The application is available on Andriod & IOS.

Kik Messanger Complete User Guide 2021

How to Download and Install Kik Messanger?

Like any other application, the installation process is straightforward and user friendly.

For Andriod User

  1. Go to Play Store on your Mobile Phone.
  2. Write Kik in the Search Bar.
  3. Download the Application
  4. Register & Enjoy

Kik Messanger Details

Name of Application  Kik Messenger
Release Date  October 2010
Author Kik Interactive Inc
Developer Media Lab
Operating System  Android & IOS
Active Users  300 Million +
Kik Messange Basic Details
Kik Messanger Basic Details


They are encrypted Everywhere. All Messages you sent using this Application will encrypt both Servers to Server and Client to Server. The Kontalk Application is providing end-to-end encryption, which makes your conversion safe from Hackers.
This Application is an Open-Source and hosted on Github. The Github Community is always working to improve the Application. Peoples from different areas of the world can work on their source code.
The Application is free for a lifetime. This sentence is mentioned on their Official Website.

Kontalk Application Complete Detail

Useful Features of Kontalk Application

  1. Free Instant Message
  2. Voice Message
  3. Send Location
  4. Send Contact Numbers
  5. End-to-end Encryption
  6. Source Code is available on Github Here

Kontalk Application Detail

Name of Application Kontalk
Developer  Kontalk Devteam
Release Date 2011
Latest Version  4.3.1
Operating System Supported  Android, Java
Application Category  Instant Messaging
License GPLv3
Application Size  10 MB
Download 10k+ on Play Store
Official Website

Snapchat Application

With the surprising 210 Million Daily Users, Snapchat is one of the top Applications amongst today’s generation. The Application is downloaded more than 1 Billion times only on Google Play Store so far.

Snapchat Application Detail user guide
Snapchat Application Detail user guide

Snapchat Application Details

Author Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown
Release Date 2011
Operating System  Android, IOS
Developers Snap Inc
Application Category Instant Message, Video Chat, Multimedia Sharing
Download 1 Billion+ on Playstore
Application Size  21 MB
Official Website

Snapchat Application Public Review

Source Google PlayStore

I really like this app but nothing would send, and I’m on wifi, i tried turning the wifi on and off again and it still wouldn’t work, so I logged out and went to log back in and now it wont let me at all, it keeps saying “oops, something went wrong. please try again later” I’ve been trying for over an hour and I still cant login, please fix it.


In this article, I tried to give complete information about few Mobile Applications which you can use as a Whatsapp  Alternative. I hope you guys can get the benefit and positively use them to communicate with your Friends and Family.

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