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Happy New Year Traditions Around The World in 2021
Happy New Year Traditions Around The World in 2021

Happy New Year Traditions Around The World in 2021

Happy New Year Traditions Around The World in 2021

Happy New Year Traditions Around The World 2021 are different in every country. The last days of the year 2020 are ticking by, and it is almost the start of 2021 the happiest new year is just a few days ahead. There are a lot of ways to welcome 2021. You may have a plan for a night out, heading to a new year party with friends or family. You may decide to spend your new year at home, watching movies, dancing, music, cooking, and reading books.

But whatever you choose to do, it is believed that the way you start January 1 sets the direction for the rest of the whole year, so choose wisely the most amazing way to spend your new year’s day.

Happy New Year Traditions Around The World in 2021
Happy New Year Traditions Around The World in 2021

Many of them have hope that what they are doing when the clock ring at night is very important, it will affect your coming whole year, your luck, wealth, health, life, and love. So, it is good to adopt the best new year traditions and avoid taking any risks and should adopt the most sensational new year good luck legends. Some of them desire to banish evil spirits and welcome good ones in.

Others wish to bring wealth and prosperity to their homes and keep the wealth for the upcoming whole year. Due to the beliefs on these traditions, All the new year traditions lead to the aims and wishes of the people.

 Rarest Traditions of Happy new year 2021 Around the World

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest celebrations which we celebrate every year. Happy New Year 2021 around the world is celebrated in many ways. While you are excited to know, we are going to cover the whole event of the New Year around the World 2020 to welcome a very happy New Year 2021.

In this article, we are going to discuss some celebrations of Happy New Year 2021 around the world’s traditions. You will also be getting the live streams of New Year 2021 celebrations around the globe. While we have got a lot to cover for this article, we shall proceed.

Different cultures and traditions have multiple ways of celebrating New Year’s Eve. Universally people celebrate the new year creatively, while some common practices are watching fireworks, parades, and ceremonies, etc.

If you are interested to know how New year fireworks are done around the world then have a look at our article on New Year Fireworks.

We searched for these different traditions around the globe. We found the nine countries with very interesting New Year traditions we are now going to share them with you.

Happy New Year 2021 in Advance
 Rarest Traditions of Happy new year 2021 Around the World

Top 9 Rarest Traditions of celebrating Happy New Year 2021 Around the World

Have a look at these rare new year celebrations of the well know countries of the world;


Spain has probably one of the most interesting New Year traditions. The people there eat 12 grapes for 12 months of the upcoming year as a token of good luck. This tradition is celebrated on a large scale in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid where the squares are full of people eating grapes and wishing each other good luck for the New Year.


You may call them superstitious but what the people of Denmark do is even intriguing. The people of this country, as per their New Year tradition, through the old crockery against the doors of their homes. This symbolizes the banishment of bad spirits from their homes to welcome the good omens on New Year’s Eve 2021.


Most of the New Year traditions make no sense and so does the tradition of carrying empty suitcases on your head. Well, yes, this happens in the free country of Colombia where people walk around the block while carrying these empty suitcases. This might be very weird but also quite interesting as well.


We all have different ways of making predictions in our culture. However, what the people of Finland do is the most interesting. The people there would melt tin and put it in the water. The shape the casting molten takes is going to happen according to their beliefs. For instance, if it takes the shape of a ring then the person going to get married that year.


Have you ever heard that spirits are driven off by burning the effigies? Well, if you haven’t heard of it then know that this is the tradition which is followed in Panama on every New Year’s Eve. Just like the old year passes, the effigies are burnt to symbolize its passing.

The Brazilian people honor the sea Goddess every new year. They offer Flowers to the ocean and light the candles on the beach in order to worship the sea. South American countries are quite different in this regard. Instead of driving spirits off and eating grapes, they wear special undergarments to celebrate the spirit of a New Year. Most of them wear red underwear hoping to get love the following year and some also wear the yellow one hoping to become wealthy.


The people of the Philippines hope for the prosperity of their country and thus when you will have a look, you will see the round shapes everywhere around the blocks. Also, the families in the country would decorate their tables with 12 round fruits to symbolize good fortune and luck for the coming year.


Scottish people are quite different when it comes to their traditions. For instance, they prefer the first-footing competition which is observed throughout the country. Other than this first-footing competition for reaching home, the bonfire ceremonies and parades are also held throughout the country.


What Greek people do as their New Year tradition is weirder. They would hang an onion at the front door which symbolizes that a New Year was born. Also, they wake their children up by tapping the same onion on their heads and this must be something very interesting to witness.

New Year around the World Dates

Different regions in the world celebrate New Year on various dates throughout the year according to their religious and cultural traditions. We are now going to discuss those New Year around the World dates for different religions and nations. The list is covered based on the name of the event.


Nowruz is the Iranian New Year which is celebrated on the basis of their religion and ethnicity. This event is celebrated on 20th March.


The Hijri calendar is followed by Muslims all around the world. Hijri means the dates when Prophet Mohammad migrated from Makkah to Madinah after he was constantly being teased by the people of the city. There are also 12 months in the Muslim year and each month starts with the 1st of a new moon.


Chaitra is the first Hindu month and the Hindu New Year is observed on the 1st of this month. Just like Hijri, the dates of Chaitra vary. It usually starts on 21st March and ends on April 21st.

Rosh Hashanah

Based on Judaism, Jews also have different New Year dates and their New Year is Rosh Hashanah which is observed on 20th September.


The people of Thailand celebrate their New Year on 13th April and the event is called Songkran. This event is celebrated for consecutive two days.

Happy New Year Traditions Around The World in 2021
Happy New Year Traditions Around The World in 2021

Happy New Year 2021 around the World Time Zones

Due to the different time zones all around the world, the New Year timings around the world differ. You know about your country but most people are also interested in the New Year around the world time zones so they can share the happiness with other people in the world. We are now going to tell you about the New Year timings of distinct time zones around the world.

Note: The timing mentioned below are according to the Pakistan Standard Time in Karachi, Pakistan.

New Zealand: New Year will be observed in New Zealand on Tuesday at 15:15
Russia and 7 other regions: The New Year in this time zone is Tuesday 17:00
Australia and 7 other regions: It will be observed here on Tuesday at 18:00
Bangladesh and most of South Asia: Tuesday 23:00 to 23:15
Afghanistan and Iran: Wednesday 00:30 and 1:30 respectively
Germany and Greece: Wednesday 4:00 and 3:00 respectively
Brazil and United Kingdom: Wednesday 8:00 and 5:00 respectively
USA and Azerbaijan: Wednesday 13:00 and 1:00 respectively
Japan and South Korea: Tuesday 20:00 in both states
India and Sri Lanka: 23:30 on Tuesday in both nations

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