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Father’s Day Status

Fathers Day Whatsapp Status in Urdu  Happy Fathers Day Wishes 2020

What is father day?

Fathers Day is a special day dedicated to all Fathers.

This day is celebrated around the Globe on every 3rd Sunday of June. Like everywhere in Pakistan, people are also celebrating father’s day on the same date.

A day that is devoted to Father, who spent his whole life to his family. A one-day celebration regarding father and a unique way to tribute all fathers.

Fathers-Day -Whatsapp-Status-in-Urdu - Happy-Fathers-Day-Wishes-2020
Fathers Day Whatsapp Status in Urdu 

Father Day Dates in Pakistan from the Year 2020 to 2033

Father Day 2020 21 June Sunday
2021 20 June
2022 19 June
2023 18 June
2024 16 June
2025 15 June
2026 14 June
2027 20 June
2028 18 June
 2029 17 June
2030 16 June
2031 15 June
2032 20 June
2033 19 June

How to Wish your Father on Father’s Day?

It is quite complicated to decide. Right?

There may be Thousands of ways to wish your father on this special day. It may vary from Country to Country, Culture to Culture, and place to place. There may be few religious restrictions in any religion or stuff like that.

 Everyone wishes in their style.

Happy Father Day 2020

Here I will try to explain a few cute ways to wish your Dad on Father’s Day.

  1. Face to Face Wishing
  2. Wishing on WhatsApp
  3. Wishing on Social Media
  4. Plan a Surprise Party
  5. Online Wishing

1 -Face to Face Wishing

The best way is to Wish your Dad face to face. If you are staying with your parents, then you have to wish face to face; this way is entirely emotional and loving than all other methods. You can feel the love and also can see the expressions.

2- Wishing on WhatsApp

You can wish your Father on Whtsapp if you are not staying with your parents.
There may be any reason you are not with your Father on this day. But you don’t want to miss the best opportunity to say thanks to your Dad for everything he did for you.

WhatsApp will be the best choice for that.  You can wish your Dad and no one can see the messages you sent to your Dad.
This is an excellent way to keep the thing secret. 

You can set you a favorite picture with your dad as you Whatsapp Status to show your attachment and love to your Father.

3- Wishing on Social Media

Wishing Fathers Day on Social media is another best way to express your feeling towards your Dad. All of your Social Media Connections can see how you are wishing. Here things came into public. There will be no privacy.

If you want to keep things secret, please use the first or second method which I mentioned earlier.

The popular Social Medi platforms wish Fathers Day to reach more and more people.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora

4- Plan a Surprise Party

Yes, a Party!.

You celebrate your birthday every year. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day. 

This is another best way to celebrate Fathers Day. You can spend some time with him also.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes Status

Some Important Questions About Fathers Day

What is the date of Celebrating Father’s Day?

The date of celebrating Father’s Day is the 3rd Sunday of June every year.

Who introduces Father’s day?

Sonora Smart Dodd introduced Father’s Day.

When was the First Father’s Celebrated?

The first father day celebrated on 19th June 1910 in Washington, USA.

Is this enough a single day devote to father? Do this pay all of his efforts, which he did for his family?

I think that a single day is not enough to pay tribute to Father, who devote their whole life to their kids and family. The way he works hard to feed, Educate, and teach everything throughout their life. A single can never compensate for that.

All of us know a very famous saying.
Something is better than nothing.
We can try to give small happiness to our Father on Father’s Day.


17 Best Fathers Day Wishes Quotes In English 2020

Fathers Day Wishes Quotes are Lines which people used to say on special occasions. They are nor our normal using words.

While writing or searching, Quotes mean we are searching for a particular Line or writes.

Some Heart touching and emotional Fathers Day Wishes Quotes are here you can download and send to your Dad.

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Fathers Day Wishes Quotes In English 2020
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